The REMUS Sound Control app allows the response of the valve to be adjusted individually when using a valve controlled REMUS sports exhaust system.

The communication between the user's smartphone and the sophisticated REMUS Sound Control electronics is via Bluetooth. After a basic calibration, taking into account the maximum speed of the engine, it is possible to operate the valve either in manual mode or in automatic mode.

Manual mode

Regardless of the engine speed, the position of the valve can be defined via four buttons. The opening degree of the valve, which is applied when the respective button is pressed, can be individually selected in steps of 10 between 0 and 100%.

Automatic mode

Here it is possible to divide the entire speed range of the engine into three areas. The limits of these areas are individually selectable. The degree of opening of the valve in the respective speed range can in turn be freely selected in steps of 10 between 0 and 100%. In this mode, the position of the valve is automatically controlled in the three predefined speed ranges and does not need any further intervention by the user after the individual pre-setting.

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